Hitfilm constantly crash when I opened my project !

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Hello Guys, since few weeks I encounter a big problem in one of my Hitfilm's project !

Indeed, after choose and loading my project file, the software is very slow and crash frequently. It achieve loading only sometimes which is very frustating.

I know that Hitfilm requiere a lot of ressources to be used but I don't think that is a question of performance in my case. I have an Alienware R17.  I can give you my configuration later but I'm not very expert in that filed.


For me, it's more a question of project size.  I have more that 70 elements ( videos, images ... : not big files but a lot of small ) and my movie's lenght is near to 50 min ( I have done the most of it, only 8 min are to composited :/ ).      If I know that the next update will impove performances (and could resolve my problem),  I don't want to wait again few days to finish my project.

Do you have an Idea, how I can resolve my problem ? Hitfilm is limited by a number of files (video, planes ... ) in a project ?

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    The first thing that pops out to me is that you are on an Alienware. At least in the past (and still now I believe) there is an issue with these computers. From the FAQ page:

    "If you are on a Dell or Alien machine and your system crashes when trying to import, or when opening a window to browse for an item, you will want to uninstall the Dell Backup and Recovery or Alien Respawn. This will solve the crash for most users."

    If you have that software, be sure to remove it. 

    Additionally, a lot of issues can be solved by making sure you're COMPLETELY up to date. This includes all Windows Updates, Drivers- most especially your GPU Driver, HitFilm (v.11), and in some cases your BIOS.

    HitFilm is actually one of the MOST stable NLEs out there, as long as you help it out with updates and the occasional workaround. Good luck!

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