How do you come up with video ideas?

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I havea problem coming up with video ideas, and I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to get a better flow of ideas.


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    Even though this is more of a long term thing, every time I have an idea, even if it's not something I'm able to pull off right now, I write it down in a note with all the other ideas I've had. If I'm ever running low on ideas, I can reference that note. Sometimes new ideas will branch off of others that are there. Other times, I just pull out an idea "as is" and go from there.

    As far as pulling out inspiration from your mind, don't focus so much on trying to come up with new ideas from scratch. At least for me, "brainstorming sessions" rarely work. Go out and look at the world around you. Watch some movies or videos (both old and new to you). Nearly all of the ideas on my list happened at random moments- I was driving to work, I was eating lunch, going grocery shopping.

    If you find a moment of inspiration, take it for as long as you can. It doesn't always come easily.

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    I write every idea down and transfer it to a central file when I get the chance.

    I look out for *anything* odd or interesting on TV, real life, films, TV, music... anything.
    I tend to ask "What if?" quite a bit and then flesh the idea out.
    If I find or think of something funny I ask "How could I build a story around it?"

    I then look at my ideas and see if any of them fit together.

    Quick example : My Captain America V.01  video came from re-watching First Avenger and thinking "What would have happened if they'd put a really big  musclely  soldier in the machine?"


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    For a different approach there's "negative" inspiration. Something you've seen that didn't work for you that you think you can "fix." Start that and let things wander from there..

    Don't forget you can raid old, public domain stories for inspiration. Lord of the Rings is largely based on Norse myth with some King Arthur and Catholic elements taken. West Side Story retells Romeo and Juliet, which retells a 4th century Roman play. Almost every action story has the character with the dead parent who discovers they are born into a destiny. History gives great inspiration.

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    What type of videos are you making now? I'd suggest to watch as many other's YouTube video as possible, during the process you will natually come up with your own video ideas (that's basically how I get most of my video ideas).

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    It depends on what your area of interests are, you can get inspiration or ideas from a bookstore or a magazine or by walking on the road you can also read this article for Youtube video Ideas, I read it and found good number of ideas for my short film on vlogging

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    I could tell you a lot of my ideas for effects come from anime show intros and sometimes the anime itself.  Also video games and video game menu's.  As for my creative vision that tougher.  I have my own ideas for things I would like to make, but 95% of the time I'm working on something someone else wants to make.  But I do get to add my own ideas to those as well as video game references whenever possible.

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    I’m going to walk you through that process and show you how great video ideas are born.

    Step 1: Focus on Your Problem

    First, make sure you’re certain of the problem you want your video to solve. What’s it aiming to achieve? Who are you talking to? What do you need them to know and do? It’s worth writing these points down to solidify them in your mind before coming up with any ideas. This is your very basic brief.

    If you have audience insights, include them here. If you don’t know what they are or how to find them, click here to watch our video about understanding your audience.

    Step 2: Brainstorm Creative Ideas

    Keeping your brief in mind, spend at least half an hour by yourself brainstorming creative ideas. A creative idea is an approach that doesn’t need to be fully fleshed out, but should encompass what you know about your goals, audience and core message.

    For example, creative ideas could include:

    • training video that looks like reality TV,
    • a metaphor comparing your service to space travel, or
    • promoting yourself through a personified version of your brand.

    Why brainstorm alone? Research has shown that this way you’re more likely to come up with a range of creative ideas unaffected by the views or concerns of others. To give yourself the best odds, allow yourself to come up with as many ideas as possible, nevermind how strange they may be.

    Don’t restrict yourself. Look for inspiration from unusual sources and let your mind cross-pollinate. Keep a record of everything you think of. If you do have others to brainstorm with, send them the notes you made in step one and ask them to come up with ideas by themselves too.

    Step 3: Review Creative Ideas

    Now it’s time to include your brainstorming team. You need to pool all the ideas everyone has come up with and discuss them. Here you can be more realistic and critical — consider which ideas are not only true to your brief but also possible to achieve.

    Democratically decide on your favourites, which should be no more than three or four.

    Step 4: Pick Your Final Idea

    It's time to kill your darlings. Out of all the ideas you've generated, you need to commit to the one you think is best. Though this might seem like the hardest step, it shouldn’t be. At this stage your final ideas should all be really good. So don’t over complicate things — go with your gut.

    Deciding on any one idea is much more important than trying to pick out the perfect idea. And as we’ll see, an idea only takes you half of the way to a great creative concept.

    Step 5: Repeat With Executions

    Now you have your core idea, the next step is deciding on its execution. This is a more specific description that considers the look, sound, and practicalities of how your idea will be brought to life. Your core idea can have many different executions, and it’s up to you to pick a good one.

    Executions of creative approaches could include:

    • filming a training video in the style of Big Brother,
    • creating an explainer animation that is set in space and positions your service as a rocket, or
    • shooting a promotional film where an actor portrays your brand.

    Now you need to repeat the last three stages, but this time for executions. Come up with ideas alone, discuss them as a group, and then whittle down to your favourite. For this stage you can also use images, sounds or moodboards to help visualise your executions and decide between them.

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