How was this effect created?

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I was wondering how the animation in this video was created. I know he uses after effects, but i would assume that the same can be done in hitfilm. The animation goes from about 0:59 - 1:57


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    Asking "How was this done?" is kinda like asking a baker "How did you make this cake?" It's a very open-ended question. There are SO many things happening in that one-minute segment you pointed to, and so many steps involved in any one of them that it's hard to know where to begin.

    It all breaks down to lots a lots and lots of layers, and a careful plan for how everything flows from one segment to the next. Motion graphics of this type is an art form. No matter what software was used to assemble all the pieces, it's all driven by an artist with a specific vision, and who probably hand-drew a lot of the source elements for this piece.

    In general, it feels kinda split into two elements: the main animated "story," and some overall effects layered on top (those shuffling dirt frames that you kinda see more at some times than at others), which is running in a cycle if you watch closely. Making some of the imagery wiggle and shimmy (like in the opening "womb" scene) can be done with the Displacement effect driven by a Fractal Noise layer (either in a nested comp, or with a Grade layer above it). 

    Is there anything really specific you want to know more about? Each scene has its own unique stuff going on, so without a more specific question (i.e. "How could I recreate the spinning DNA strand?"), it's tough to know where to go from here.

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     @CleverTagline so how could I create the eye part (where the hand is holding the eye)

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    The hand is just clip art. The eye could be done a few different ways. It looks like it was animated at a lower frame rate than the rest (probably 12fps or something thereabouts). It's basically two elements: the main eye movement, plus a subtle "reflection" on top of it (it looks like a city scene; stepping through it, I see a bus passing at one point). For the main eye look, my gut instinct would be to create the main shapes in a composite shot using planes and masks, then throw a grade on top with Heat Distortion to break up the edges and make it feel more organic. Move the shapes around the comp to create the eye moving from place to place.

    Drop that into another comp and use the Sphere effect to make it into a sphere, tweaking the sphere settings and maybe adjusting the original eye animation in the nested comp until you've got the look you want.

    Add a layer on top for the "reflection," and use the Bulge effect to make it look like it's on the sphere surface. You could also build this into the main eye animation comp so that it all sphere-izes together, but keeping it separate would give you greater control. In many cases, it's less about accuracy ("It all has to be a perfect sphere!") and more about artistic choice.

    Drop the finished sphere-plus-reflection into the main comp where you're assembling the pieces. Duplicate it, scale the copy up a touch and drop it below the original, and add Fill Color set to black to make the outline. On both layers, use Displacement targeting a fractal noise setup (probably built in a separate comp) for the subtle wiggle that it all has.

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    It seems to be just basic Photoshop, the one who has done this has just cut out the girl image and fixed in in the other image. You can though stream animation for free using crunchyroll and get your mind completely off from this.

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