The position of "Project Settings" should be flexible.

ProteasProteas Website User Posts: 31 Just Starting Out

I use two monitors in my desktop computer.

So, when i open the "Project Settings", it appears between the two monitors and i can't change it's position.

I would like to propose you to enchance the Layout and make it more flexible, especially for users with 2 monitors.


  • FilmSenseiFilmSensei Moderator, Website User, Ambassador Posts: 2,318 Ambassador

    That is true. Even though I have used two monitors, I have never had the application span the whole of both screens. You can temporarily resize the the application to get a view of the project settings, then adjust after you get into the edit tab. Also, floating the windows can be very useful in creating just the right work space for what you are doing.

  • JavertValbarrJavertValbarr Staff Administrator, Website User Posts: 299 Staff

    The Project tab is going to be replaced with a smaller, movable window in version 12.0.

  • ProteasProteas Website User Posts: 31 Just Starting Out


    I am still an absolute beginner in Hitfilm and i know almost nothing (for a specific reason) and therefore i am still using my other video software to do anything. Btw, my monitors are 1920x1200.

    Trying to get familiar with Hitfilm, i watched some Hitfilm tutorials and i saw that they often resize each window all the time, depending what they want to do or to show to us. This means (and it's also obvious) that the workspace is not sufficient.

    Floating the Windows doesn't really help, because i can't transfer them into the second monitor. And on top of it, i want to place each window in an ideal and fixed position, in order "train" both, eyes and hand (the so called "muscle memory"), to know exactly where and how much to move the mouse, to work more comfortable. Resizing and moving windows all the time, is not what i really want.

    P.S. Corel Video Studio, gives us the possibility to transfer any floating window to the second monitor, but i would rather prefer a better (and good) working layout, in which i won't need any floating windows. The application should be capable to use both monitors as one, without some well known problems (example: sometimes is seems impossible to keep a window in only one monitor, when it's expanded in both (and it's a headache to resolve this "puzzle").

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,331 Ambassador

    @Proteas are you using Express or Pro? I only ask because I think the full-screen second-monitor viewer display is a Pro-Only feature. 

    Otherwise, as Javert mentioned, the next version of Hitfilm has major interface adjustments. The specific issue you mentioned - the Project screen - has already been changed. Next version, later this month. 

  • ProteasProteas Website User Posts: 31 Just Starting Out

    Triem23  I am using PRO.  Very good then.. let's wait for the next version.

  • Geronimo33Geronimo33 Website User Posts: 1

    I have the same problem with the windows. Are floating everywhere and I don't know how to put them back in order. Any help, please?

    I'm trying the free edition at the moment.

  • CleverTaglineCleverTagline Moderator Las Vegas, NVModerator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,061 Ambassador

    @Geronimo33 To reset HitFilm's panel arrangement, click on the icon at the top of the UI (near the menus) that looks like a 3x3 grid of small boxes. That opens the Workspace menu, where you can pick any of HitFilm's predefined workspace arrangements, or save your current workspace as a new setup if you've found an arrangement you like.

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