I'm starting a new YouTube tutorial series. "Hello all"

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Hello all, I recently started focusing my YouTube channel around car videos and DIY oriented content. I noticed many of my fellow car enthusiasts have no idea how to even start making videos or the budget for software. So I started digging and found HitFilm. Wow! I must say I really wish I had something like this when I first started doing graphics and video 15 years ago. Anyways….. let me get to the point. I am going to start a tutorial series targeted towards the car enthusiasts who wants to start making videos for YouTube. I see Hitfilm as a great tool to get them up and running. Feel free to join me as I explore Hitfilm more. My first tutorial will be creating a logo animation entirely in Hitfilm. Cheers! Tutorial coming soon.



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    That looks very good.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of audience there is for car enthusiasts looking to improve their videos. I suspect there *is* quite a few but, maybe, that would just be the starting point for you.
    TBH : I think many people (here) take Hitfilm for granted.  I get quite a few comments saying "How did you get that fire in your video?" The answer is, basically, I dragged and dropped it in Hitfilm 

    Best of luck with it and there are many people here to ask if needed.

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    I’m going to agree with you on the “Taking Hitfilm for granted” part. I do believe many who are just now starting with video and effects will never know the trials and tribulations of life without decent free applications.

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    Looks great! Simple and clean, but with enough detail to make it interesting, and very well-animated. Welcome to the HitFilm party! :D

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