Any way to playback GoPro cineform on windows 10?

I started using the gopro cineform codec to increase speed on temporal effects such as the speed effect. Only downside so far is that I cannot playback the original video clips in the default windows video player. Quicktime also does not work for this codec so I am not sure where to look.


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    GoPro have not been kind to Cineform. What you're running into here is the difference between Hitfilm having a native Cineform decoder and your OS not having installed Cineform codecs. 

    GoPro's Quik software no longer installs Cineform (GoPro abandoned the format), but the old GoPro Studio should.

    And that's the link at the top of the post. 

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    GoPro/Cineform no longer makes binaries available to install into Windows for DirectShow video players to be able to read/play Cineform files. They only make source code available. Cineform these days kinda only works in editors that support it natively and nowhere else.

    A quick Google found me this site with the old decoders. It installs Video for Windows, DirectShow and Quicktime codecs for Cineform.

    After this install Windows Media Player will support Cineform but not Movies and TV. Movies and TV wants Media Foundation drivers but GoPro never made those available.

    VLC natively supports Cineform but I found the latest 3.0.6 broke Cineform on my machine, so I am still using 3.0.4. VLC does not use any external codec system so what it internally support is what it supports and nothing else. They don't like the RGBA format of Cineform.

  •  Do I have to restart my computer to enable the codec to work? Also it is run through the default windows player correct?

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     Windows 10 does default Movies and TV as a default player unless you change that. You can play with the right click context menu, "Open With...", to choose Windows media player.

  • After restarting my computer the encoders that you sent dont seem to work. I installed them then restarted and set windows media player as the default for opening .mov files. All it does is play audio.

  • I ended up going with VLC and this addon which I think may fix your issue @NormanPCN

    Only thing I have to complain about it is that it takes up alot of my CPU resources for whatever reason. (upwards of 75% on R5 1600x "ouch")

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    "set windows media player as the default for opening .mov files. All it does is play audio."

    that is expected. For AVI files it will work. Windows media player does not handle external codecs in MOV. Cineform being an external codec.

    "I ended up going with VLC and this addon which I think may fix your issue "

    The plug-in is not necessary as previously mentioned. VLC 3 natively supports VLC. As previously mentioned, on my machine, VLC 3.0.6 seems to have a bug with Cineform. Maybe all machines. FWIW the same issue exists with Prores in VLC 3.0.6.

    That old plug-in is for VLC 2. Quote from that page. "The plugin is compatible with Windows and Mac versions of VLC 2.2.X,"


  •  Ahh I did discover that when I was installing the same thing to my laptop. VLC 3.0.4 works for me. Still that high cpu usage though. I cannot play back 4k cineform on my laptop at all even if it has a 6 core i7.

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