Hardware requirements and recomendations for Hitfilm and other software

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I'm looking into buying a new computer at about 2000€ as my maximum budget. To tailor it to my needs I'm interested in what hardware the software that I´m using can work best with and how powerful it can/should be.
Im using:
Hitfilm Pro (Right now, still 4 but I'm looking into upgrading that as well)
Sony Vegas Pro 15
Blender 2.79
The problem I'm facing is, that I don't know what each software needs most, as well as what type.
For example, I do know that the more powerfull the GPU, that faster Blender Cycles renders. Now should I use a powerfull gaming GPU like the RTX 2070, or some kind of workstation GPU? That should serve as an example of the problem I'm having.
So specifically what advice can you give me, and other people looking to upgrade their computer regarding:

RAM - How much? What's more important, speed or size?
CPU - The more cores the merrier? How important is clockspeed? AMD or Intel (which is more compatible)?
GPU - AMD or NVIDIA? Gamer card or Workstation card?
What else is important that I have missed?

If possible, I'd like to be able to do 4k editing on that machine. I know that a fast SSD is especially important for that as well.

Last, my specs right now (upgrading it is not an option for various reasons):
Intel Core i7-4790:  4 Cores, 8 Threads, 3.6 GHz
AMD Radeon R) 255, 2GB
Windows 10 Home


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