Converting Video Files

Hi there. I've previously used Hitfilm to edit MP4 files and it worked great. I got a new camera that apparently only records .MTS format. Why these things aren't more universal is beyond me but anyway...

As you can imagine, editing this footage was a nightmare. I updated my video card drivers and when that didn't work, I bought the "Format" add-on. It's installed, and I restarted.

Now I've dropped these MTS files into Hitfilm and they didn't auto-convert. I've looked everywhere for an option to convert them and I'm just not seeing it. What am I missing here people?

I will be buying a different camera, but for now I have about 400 hours of video to edit that can not be reshot.

Thanks for all your help.


  • FilmSensei
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    @MissyDixon I would use Handbrake to convert them all to files that you can use.

  •  I was trying to avoid using an outside conversion tool, because I am out of memory, so I'll have no where to put the converted files. That's why I bought the Format Premium add-on. I was hoping that this add-on would convert these files to a usable format.

    What's the point of the add-on if I just turn around and use a converter anyway?


  • tddavis
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    @MissyDixon My camera shoots .mts natively as well and I have never had an issue with them not importing or being too hard to edit; just a little laggy here and there, but I'm not doing anything super important mostly family stuff so my editing is that complex.

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