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My Mavic Pro drone takes video at 4096x2160 pixels.  In HitFilm's menus I couldn't find a resolution higher than 3840 pixels wide. Is this limitation fundamental? Or do I need to buy the Pro version to expand it? Alternatively, could I set HitFilm into a mode where it will use 3840 with and simply trim off some pixels on the side instead of resampling the pixels?



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    Hitfilm Express tops out at UHD 3840x2160 (16:9 aspect ratio). Your Mavic is shooting 4096x2160 Cinema 4k (1.85:1 aspect ratio). 

    Hitfilm Pro goes up to 8k resolution if your GPU can handle it.

    Honestly, it's likely better to just work at 3840x2160 and let the edges crop away. "4k" monitors run at 3840x2160, and a 4096x2160 image is actually going to be slightly downscaled for a monitor, which can cause minor artifacting. 

  • What has to be done to make sure that Hitfilm Express crops away instead of downsampling?

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    Nothing. Hitfilm loads media onto a timeline at "real size" and centered. So, with a 3840x2160 comp, if you load in 4096x2160 video, it will fill the screen and the edges will already be cut off at the sides. Just drag and drop.

    You'll have to slide your clips a little sideways if you need to see something on the edge.

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