Audio problems

I have audio problems with some video clips.

They were recorded with a cell phone, although I do not think that is really the problem.

The audio does not synchronize properly with the video, at first I thought it could have been an FPS problem. I thought that in the configuration of the composition shot I would have mistaken the FPS, but no, I have checked it many times and everything is in order.

In any multimedia player the mp4s reproduce naturally and in perfect synchrony.

The problem is when I import them to the hit film 4 express.

I also thought that it was a latency problem, I mean the buffer of my audio interface, but I think that Hit Film 4 Express is not even using the ASIO driver of my audio interface.

How could I solve it ... I love Hit Film !! I would like to be able to use it properly!

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance


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    Your cell phone video is variable frame rate, which is problematic for any NLE. You'll need to transcode your footage to a constant frame rate. This video discusses video codecs,  including defining variable frame rate, talks about why it's an issue and covers several methods to transcode. 


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    I thank you, very much ... enormously :)

    That's why I thought I was doing something wrong, it was due to my lack of knowledge on the subject.
    Now it is clear to me, the clips are of a constant FPS affirmatively which gave me a lot to think about ...
    I did the transcode anyway and finally I achieved the goal, now they reproduce well in Hitfilm and I can work properly.


    Thanks, you're very kind

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