How to create a similar effect in Hitfilm EXPRESS?

I was browsing YouTube and I found this video. I was wondering how I could replicate this effect in Hitfilm. I'd take an image, perhaps of memes, and it'd be spray'd into a direction like the video. Thanks! Video Here

I do realize that I can do this w/ the particle simulator, but I'd rather do it without the watermark and I don't want to waste money on a single video


  • HeySiriHeySiri Website User Posts: 382 Just Starting Out

    @NotSoXeno You could keyframe like half a dozen or maybe more "chunguses" (or chungi) emerging from the pit, and dupilcate those layers and just randomly drag the clips along the timeline until it's how you want it. Particle simulator would be easiest, of course, but this express trick would probably be nearly as quick.

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