Hitfilm 12

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I was under the impression the update would be this week. Maybe I got it wrong or has there been some delay? Maybe a last minute bug found or something? 


  • Andy001zAndy001z Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 2,890 Ambassador

    From what I can gather from the tweets, they have had some last minute tuning to undertake. Hopefully all will be out right soon.

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    I had a feeling that might be the case when the Thursday video was so late. I'm not on Twitter so didn't see the post. I do feel their pain. Been in software dev for 30 years. Multithreading is complex and prone to unexpected issues. Hopefully they get whatever bug they have found fixed soon.

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    In the last video they said they wanted to get it(them) out while the sale was on. That ends the 31st. Of course they can extended the sale as necessary.

    Since I am an older fellow, I remember a long running TV commercial series from back in the day. The slogan was "We will sell no wine before its time". Orson Welles was the pitchman of the commercial. Six degrees.

    Better a little late than running fire drills from a rushed release. Been there, dome that. Cauliflower ear from the phone stuck to my ear all day for a week.

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     Oh I know.  I've been there too.  That's why as a team we never release on Fridays anymore. Always Monday so we have a week of support to iron anything silly out.

    There is another key thing in these scenarios and that's communication. There are a number of platforms out there and not every user is on all of them. It's perfectly fine to delay to get it right but make sure it's clearly communicated to the stakeholders. One platform isn't enough to cover everyone. Lesson for them to learn for the future I think. 

    Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be a major showstopper but in the end take the time to get it right guys but keep us informed here as well as on Twitter.

  • JavertValbarrJavertValbarr Staff Administrator, Website User Posts: 299 Staff

    Sorry about the delay- we just need a few more days to get things sorted. Thank you for the support and understanding, and we hope you like the updates we plan to release before the month is up.

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    Would seem to me there is no REASON to rush.  It is ready when it is ready.



  • DreamArchitectDreamArchitect Website User Posts: 595 Enthusiast

    @jbaymore if you have said in  more than one place it's to be delivered by a certain time then while delaying is fine to get it right it MUST since we are using capitals be communicated as early as possible. 

    So yes by all means delay and yes there is no reason to rush but as @javetvalbarr has now done. Tell people. Some of us have been waiting for years to see performance improvements like this while seeing things added that are of little use to us so for us the sooner the better.  There is no harm in holding a company to it's published timeline big company or small. Now they have communicated a revised situation it's all good. Sounds like a sizeable issue if it's measured in days so good luck to you guys sorting it. Hopefully its not too big.

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