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Hi, i have just upgraded my Mocha pro and put put the new mocha pro 2019 plugin onto my pc. When i camera solve or anything else and bring it back into Hitfilm Pro  i get all the nulls but no video just a blue screen.I have been on to Boris about this and the answer so far has been a little disapointing to say the least They Gave me a workaround that i am having difficulty with. does anyone here had any problems with Boris 2019 plugin.This has cost me hundreds of dollars the least it should do is work without having to look for a workaround. Any comments would be appreciated.


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    Um. Mocha is supposed to give you nulls and a blue plane. This is normal and expected behavior. It's also desirable, as I shall explain.

    When Mocha Hitfilm was based on Mocha 3 and 4 the imported Composite Shot brought in the nulls and the footage. This created a second entry in the media bin for the same footage.

    Mocha 3 and 4 also required Comp Shots to be imported for roto splines. These Composite Shots also re-imported the video clip as another entry in the media bin. 

    Where could this be a problem? Let me toss up one of my short films to illustrate  then we'll break it down. 

    For this short Mocha Pro 3 was used for almost every shot. For most of the short there's actually sky replacement. There's tracking for screen replacement, roto masks for hands crossing, camera tracking for the car model, Slimer, proton streams....

    And each pass is a different composite shot imported into Hitfilm. So the very first shot has a 3D solve for the far-off car/sky a track for each phone screen and a roto mask for both actors' hands. Five passes. Every Composite Shot re-imported the footage. This meant I had six copies of the same footage in the media bin, which is five more than I needed. Now, obviously I cut all mocha data from its imported Composite Shot and pasted it into a single comp to assemble things. At this point the imported comps are redundant and can be removed from the project. No biggie  just delete them (if s critical error is made, I can re-import). 

    But I still have five redundant copies of footage in the media bin. Ok, we'll start deleting  Oops, there's the copy still in use (Got a warning that it's still on the timeline), keep that one - rename for safety? - delete the rest. 

    Because there were 30 shots in the short and most had multiple mocha passes this meant deleting maybe over a hundred redundant media clips. 

    With Mocha (Hitfilm and Pro) v5+ a camera solve was changed. As you now see, all that comes in is the camera, nulls and a blue plane. The blue plane is aligned with whichever was your active mocha layer when you exported the solve.

    You never stated what "workaround" Boris gave you, but I'm going to guess they said copy the camera/null layers and paste them into the original comp shot with your original video where you initially launched Mocha (I'm assuming you're using the plug-in). This isn't a workaround, this is the expected workflow. 

    For sake of argument  and still assuming you're using the plug-in, this is the workflow order:

    You've created Comp Shot "Original" and added your footage. To the footage you add Mocha. From Mocha you solve and export. 

    You've imported Comp Shot "Solve." Copy the camera and point layers from Solve to Original.

    Delete Comp Solve. If you somehow screw up and need to go back to the raw data it can be reloaded from your drive. 

    This keeps the media bin clean. 

    If you're expecting the video to re-import with the solve, then... You plan on deleting Comp Shot Original? Ok, but now you'd have the extra step of figuring out which instance of the video clip to delete from the media bin, or have a media bin cluttered with redundant data. Oh, since Hitfilm loads and caches all imported media note this redundant media is going to slow down Hitfilm a bit. 

    @FilmSensei why did I tag you? In another thread I discussed maybe deleting my older tutorials as the updated versions went live. Here's an example of why. I think rick1 viewed a lot of obsolete Mocha Hitfilm tutorials with the old workflow and got confused because the current (superior) workflow doesn't have nearly as many tutorials. You can also see that with the Export Queue (which had two major revisions in two years) and the Text Tool (which changed a few months ago). Those are two more topics where users say something is "broken," that was actually "fixed," and that's why I worry a bit about leaving up tutorials that now teach the wrong things.

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    Hi Triem  I thought the plugin was at fault. In the last version of Mocha Pro v5 I think I never ever seen a blue screen, video came over as the video not a blue screen. Still all OK now as I know what to do now. Thanks for the information very comprehensive and useful. 

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    Triem, maybe you should do a video on the new plugin I won't be the only one wondering what:s going on


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    Someone should  It's been covered by others, but it's been a side note in tutorials nominally on other topics. Like Javert discussed it in a "Create a snowfall" tutorial which required a camera solve, but, since the tutorial isn't called "Updated camera solves in Mocha 5" who would think to look there! 

    I do intend to do Mocha tutorials eventually  but I didn't do any tutorials in 2018 and I have a lot of base Hitfilm to catch up on first. 

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    @Triem23 I think with full blown tutorials like yours, they need to be completely redone everytime the software is updated. With smaller, one off tutorials like mine, I can get away with leaving them up and just adding an update video (i.e. the text tool video). When someone comments that text doesn't work that way, I just refer them to my text video. The other thing I started doing is referring to the version I am using at the beginning of the video. When FXHome changed the exporting system in Version 5, I realized that my videos could become out of date, so I started doing that in case things changed.

    As far as taking videos down, I would hate to see that happen. I have been spending a lot of my free time while away on business watching old FXHome videos (Mostly Axel and Simon) showing things in HitFilm 2 Ultimate (the first version I owned). They are remarkably instructional, and while many things are very different, there is still a lot to learn from watching them... things I have not seen any where else!

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    Hi Triem you were quite right Mocha told exactly as you said about the blue screen. To be honest I have used Mocha Pro for a few years, and when I upgraded to the Plugin I thought it was just the same as before. I would remove or corner pin go back into Hitfilm a couple of buttons all was in front of me to edit. Suddenly I use the Plugin and am confronted with a blue screen much to my amazement. I had never seen it before neither in video or on the forums. So I had to ask the question and lucky for me you were aware of what was going on. I don't think I will be the only one who will scratch there heads over this. Mocha should have been on the the ball and let people know about what I would say is a mammoth upgrade. Having said everything the new version is great now I know what I am doing. And once again thanks for the great advice. I am sure yourself and Film Sensei will come up with a tutorial soon... Rick

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