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Hello, I really enjoy using HitFilm Express. It's been good while I have used it. I had some questions that I just could not find the answers for in the forums. First off, I know there are other editing programs out there that when importing files with more than 1 audio track, it imports them automatically and syncs them. Hitfilm, on the other hand, does not have this. Meaning I now have to use another program to separate the audio, then import that into HitFilm, place video on timeline unlink current audio, and create more audio tracks in the timeline, place all the audio tracks in, and then link them. This process is getting annoying because all of my videos have multiple audio tracks for easier monitoring and editing. I play video games and use OBS to record. Any chance of being able to import a video with multiple audio tracks and place on timeline and it automagically puts the other audio tracks in? OR! Is there any easier way to do this? If you need anything else from my end please ask, I will try my best to supply the information needed. Next thing, any chance that some organization features will be coming. Like, color coding certain parts of the timeline with names etc.


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    Re: support for multiple audio tracks in a single video file, you'll have to add your voice to the wishlist thread and cross your fingers. To my knowledge, there's currently no way around manually splitting off the extra tracks with another tool, then re-syncing everything in HitFilm. (This question does come up fairly frequently from other gamers using OBS, so I'm surprised you couldn't find other threads about it. Then again, the search feature in this forum isn't the best, so I'm not as surprised as I was a moment ago.)

    Re: your final question, my memory is a tad fuzzy when trying to recall what upcoming features were teased in the livestream last week. There are definitely some nifty things on the horizon, but without double-checking what Javert and Kirstie (and popup-Josh) said in that stream, I cannot say more. In fact, I think Gavin is peeking around the corner right now (how did he get to Texas so quickly!?), so...uh.....IGOTTAGO!

  • Thank you, haha. Much appreciated!

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    I see you @CleverTagline! ;) Damn, it's WARM in Texas...I shouldn't have worn a jumper...

    So because I'm from the marketing side of FXhome rather than the genius Dev team @EnBeeAch, I'll just drop in to say last weeks livestream gives a few cheeky teases and nuggets of information on what's coming to the upcoming update. There's an enormous focus on performance enhancements alongside some goodies we think the community will really love! If you haven't already definitely check it out :) (timecodes are also in the description!)

  • Oh okay. Thanks I will check it out lol. You guys have a great staff team lol

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