Exported Video Goes Black and Audio Cuts Out (Also says there is slow motion?)

Im trying to export a video and when its done exporting the video plays fine for the first maybe 15 seconds then the video cuts out and you can hear the audio the after a little the audio cuts out. Also Quicktime says there is a segment that is slowed down. Im new at this and I'm just trying to export a project how can I fix this?


  • CleverTagline
    CleverTagline Posts: 3,341 Ambassador

    What are your system specs? OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, and free hard drive space.

    Which specific version of HitFilm Express are you using?

    More info about your original media would be helpful as well. If you don't already have MediaInfo installed, get that now. Drop one of your files into it, then switch to the Text report option. Copy the full report and paste it into a reply here. It's possible that HitFilm is having trouble decoding your media.

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