Best program to replace FRAPS?

Hope this is ok to post here. 


I use FRAPS to record in game content which I later then edit to make AMVs... which I am hoping to use Hit for now :)

However it hasn't been updated in awhile and seems to suck a lot of FPS along with some other issues. 

I was hoping to find a program that is SUPER simple to use (as FRAPS is)... the whole one button to record at will kinda thing... that can record my in game content as well as content in WoW Model Viewer as FRAPS also does for me now. (I don't wish to record my whole screen movements, cursor or anything) just the animation screen.

I do not ever intend to do any of this live streaming stuff either.

I have windows 10 and my computer is pretty old... but am still able to play World of Warcraft on low settings.

I'm not tech savvy at all, and spent more time then was likely wise trying to research what program would be a good choice for me.

Bottom line:

-Something as close to what FRAPS does as possible in regards to capturing in game play and WMV animations.

-Easy to use.

-Free if at all possible.  If not I'd consider paid programs.


Any suggestions please?


  • tddavis
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    @babytoe I don't do a lot of screen capturing but I have had good luck for what little I do with ActivePresenter.

    You might want to check it out.

  • triforcefx
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    I don't have a ton of experience with screen recording, but I've found Windows' built in screen recorder to be just fine. Hit Ctrl+Windows key to bring up the Game Bar, and the rest is pretty straight forward from there, just hit the big red button to record the screen you're in.

  • Hictor
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    OBS Studio.

    Hands down. Its everything. And free.

  • NormanPCN
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    OBS might be the only screen capture software than outputs constant frame rate video. What you want for editing.

  • babytoe
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     thank you for the replies!

    davis> I will have a try with that one. thank you!

    tri> my keyboard doesn't have a windows key anywhere on it... so wouldn't be very easy for me to even try to use that capture program.

    Hictor>  OBS is one I tried first from my research, however it woudnt record a dang thing.  Seemed you have to jump through a lot of set up hoops I wasn't familiar with to be able to figure the program out.  As I mentioned, I am not tech savvy in anyway, and the set up process was just confusing me to no end.



  • jia28
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    best substitutes for Fraps: OBS or CamStudio. they are both free.


  • babytoe
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     heya, i'm still about! got a new computer :)


    So i was looking at CamStudio however i've read many warnings that it has a virus?

  • tddavis
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    @babytoe I can't speak about the best but I have used Active Presenter a free capture program with success but then I don't do a ton of screen cap work so there's that...

  • Hictor
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    Learn how to use OBS and you'll never look for another software again.

    This, I promise you. 


  • Nvidia video cards have built-in video capture capability in the drivers via a separate component called Geforce Experience.  A lot of gamers use Nvidia cards so nobody uses Fraps anymore, which is why it hasn't been updated.  The capturing is done by the video card's hardware so it doesn't hurt frame rate at all (another reason why people stopped using Fraps).   Nvidia cards range from $60 or less to $600 plus.  WoW needs only a cheap card to run.  But of course, get a better card if you want to future-proof a little.

  • Kliven
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    I personally like Movavi Screen Recorder. It captures video in high quality and also allows you to edit new material, which is really handy.

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