a magic brush or magic eraser

i do alot of masking in my videos and i looked this question up yet the only thing i found was a post from novemeber 2014 a bit outdated so i was wondering if there was a magic brush for hitfilm express?


  • DafterThingsDafterThings Website User Posts: 889 Enthusiast

    I'd like to know as well. I have tried the clone tool a couple of times and there is wire removal tool available as an add-on but I still do all my erasing using the stop motion software I use or a photo editor.
    (i.e. a clean sheet).

  • CleverTaglineCleverTagline Moderator Las Vegas, NVModerator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,061 Ambassador

    @JetFeather There aren't currently any brush-like tools of any sort for HitFilm. If you'd like to see such a tool added, make your wishes known in the wishlist thread.

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