Bad at keyframing... wondering if someone could help.

I'm trying to (I think its called "pan"?) from left to right during my video. This would mean the camera focus is slightly zoomed in, otherwise as you pan right your picture would end and you'd just have blank space. 

Here is an example that does it well:

Technically I plan on doing this with a video sequence and not a still-image like in the video above. 

Any help is appreciated. I'm assuming the option is somewhere in keyframing. 


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    Long story short, you'll ise the Scale property of the layer to greater than 100% to enlarge the layer, then adjust its position property to pan the image.

    This video goes into detail about keyframes. 

    This video goes into detail about all the transformation controls and gets into some complex rigs. 

    And this video covers more animation tips for full 3D work 

  • IllybobillyIllybobilly Website User Posts: 8

    Thanks very much, I figured it out :)

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