Problem with the puppet tool

Sorry if my English isn't the best(English isn't my first language)

I put the effect on my png image. I click generate new mesh. I click edit and put my control points. When I go back to animate, I move the control points. It moves the control points instead of the image.

Do anyone know how to fix this? 


  • CleverTagline
    CleverTagline Posts: 3,344 Ambassador

    What is the content of your PNG image? Is it a full solid frame of image data, or is there an alpha channel creating transparency in certain places? HitFilm needs the latter for the Puppet tool to really work as designed, though even with a solid image you should get some movement as you move the control points.

    There's also an odd quirk that I still see sometimes where adding an effect initially doesn't do anything. Usually this can be "fixed" by switching to a different timeline tab (like the main Editor tab), then back to your composite shot.

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