Hitfilm 4 express crashes and my computer restart

Hi! Everyone. I just buy a computer and I first installed hitfilm 4 express but it didn't open. The screen stay blank and I had to restart my computer. I decided to update my graphics card drivers, And it still does the same thing. Each time I try to open hitfilm 4 express, it crashes and my computer says "windows encountered a problem and have to restart" that makes me upset lol. Any help please?

I have a HP, Intel(R) Xeon (R) CPU E3-1225 V5 at 3.30 GHZ

4 GB ram

Windows 10 , 64 bits

GPU Nvidia Get 730 with drivers updated.

Thanks in advance


  • Hi! I installed hitfilm 4 Express on my computer but when I try to open it it crashes and the screen become blank. Then it shows " windows encountered a problem and have to restart" what should I do?

    I have a HP Intel(R) Xeon(R) 3.30 GHZ

    4 GB RAM

    windows 10 , 64 bits

    Nvidia GT  730, graphics card drivers updated

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'll let others comment on your specific hardware. My question is: why are you running HitFilm 4 Express? HitFilm is now up to version 11, with LOADS of new features that don't exist in 4 Express.

    On a side note, no need to "bump" your post only a few minutes after your first one (unless a mod merged two threads?). One post is preferred to keep the forum content clean. Then just wait patiently for a reply, keeping in mind that the vast majority of folks here are fellow HitFilm users (including mods), not FXhome staff. :) 

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    Your Xeon CPU is underspec. You can find the computer specs needed to run HitFilm here: https://fxhome.com/express/specs#tech

    I merged your threads because you posted in 2 categories, as CleverTagline guessed.