3D Camera movement bug

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Hi, I'm working on my first bigger 3D project  and I've got this sequence where I want the camera to move down and then towards a picture, while moving down a little bit , so I set my 1st Y position keyframe to 117.9 and the next one to 21.9 and it would make sense to me, that the value just goes down from one to the other, but in the middle it goes all the way down to -134 without any additional keyframe. I'm using Manual Bezier, but after switching it to different types nothing changed with the issue. Am I doing something wrong or is it just a bug?


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    One question  one comment  

    Question: did you adjust the Rotation Y value or Orientation? Orientation really isn't intended for animation - it's to set initial position before animation. Animation Orientation always moves along the shortest path between two positions. So, if you animate (example) the camera rotating on Y clockwise from 0 to 270, on playback it will rotate counter clockwise along the shorter way to the next key. 

    Comment: Hitfilm's camera ALWAYS rotates in the order X, Y, Z. It is possible to set a position on recording that the camera won't actually hit on playback. The solution here is using a point rig to change the axis order.

    For more than one could need to know about Hitfilm's cameras... 

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    Yes, I adjusted orientation earlier in this composite. I'll try to undo it and I'll definetly get into these videos, thanks for your help.  

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    Yw. Depending on what you're doing you might be able to skip the first one for now. That mostly deals with matching Hitfilm's camera's lens with a real-world lens (useful for animation over photo/video.

    The second video gets into camera animation/controls in detail. The third and fourth are all tips for animation of cameras emulating real-world rigs like gimbals and cranes.

    The fourth is my improvement of something @FilmSensei improved from the third video. A nice back and forth where Jay saw how to improve my version and I found a way to improve his improvements. A little co-operation/collaboration and we all get better together. 

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    Actually, this reminds me: it's a little awkward to rotate 3D objects, when the only control is over the Orientation and not the Rotation X, Y and Z, which often need to work together to get the direction you need. To the Wishlist!

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