Looking for good, low cost 4k video camera?



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    Audacity is free. Hitfilm's Noise Reduction is excellent and cheap. 

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    Oh, Hitfilm has noise reduction? I didn't even realize.

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    @HeySiri in Pro. It's an add-on for Express. 

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    Could be "Found WHERE?"

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    @Stargazer54 checking the user's other posts, I don't think bot. I think @DataDesign is correct that there was a typo un-caught. I think DaraDesign also has the correct meaning. 

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    i wouldn't shoot on a phone.

    go for a 2k or HD camera.  you're light on money and will get the same results at the end of the day.

    you're not likely to be released on the big screen so it doesn't matter.  if you're releasing on youtube 2k will give you a nice compression to 1080p where as the HD will be 1080p and will do fine.

    there's a lot of hype about 4k 8k 16k blah blah blah

    you're doubling the size of the file mostly.  if you know what a Fibonacci sequence looks like... that's basically the easiest way to explain different resolutions.

    you're doubling the size each time (more or less 1080 x 2 gives you 2k x 2 = 4k)  the size of the area you can clearly capture gets larger which is great for some things.  ie shoot this area over here and i'll just crop in to what i need.
    need more light... don't have it...  we can sort that with a higher resolution (i know someone who's done this on shoots)
    so your output will be largely dependent on platform.  no point planning for imax if you can't get on netflix (so to speak)
    a phone will give you a fixed lens and while you can crop in to the shots you want (and i believe it's a good skill to learn) your storage will be an issue as will please don't call me.
    just look around for anything half decent to start working.  the canon range are ok nikon are fine too...  anything.  try and get a full frame (maybe from a pawn broker) or look for some gear someone wants to get rid of cheaply.  it'll be out there. 
    first get something to work with.  then start shooting.  from the other posts i've read of yours, you'll be learning as you go so it doesn't really matter.
    i'm currently working on a small project which will never be released.  it's being shot to go to investors to show what can be done with no money when you know how.  but i also have an unfair advantage...  i work with 2 grip companies so i don't have to hire anything.

    in your case shoot on your phone if you must...  look for something slightly better get a nice 50mm lens (or a 55 - 300 to shoot most things you need) and just start shooting.  if you can raise a little more money.  i'd say get a black magic 2k second hand.  look for one of the square ones.  they look fugly but they're user friendly and you can literally park a car on them (they did on the promo) they have 4 face screws so you can swap your mount to what ever lens you want.  they take any battery as well as having a 30 min internal.  and the storage cards can be sandisk which makes them perfect in so many ways... also the quality of image is fantastic (see youtube shoot out compared black magic vs arri vs red

    I have access to blackmagic, gh4s and gh5s all in 4k (and i think a red but i don't like them at all)  bang for buck... blackmagic 2k for you.  you'll still get what you want that way

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    If you have enough light on the set or you’re shooting outside, your iPhone 8 could give good results... 


    something I didn’t read here is about the extra gear you can purchase for your phone. First, à gimbal like the Osmo Mobile can give you access to cinematic travelling shots for few money. A small dolly can help, too. With the Osmo Mobile fixed on a monopod, you can even simulate louma or drone shots. Even if the image quality is not as good as what you can get from a DSLR, you can improve your shots and overall movie quality with such accessories .

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    @Deweak it should be noted that the Osmo* automatically tilts the camera up and down with the handle... This can only be interrupted by holding the trigger (unless there's been a firmware update in the last few months). One needs tape to hold the trigger down. Also, the Osmo has no mounting screws  so requires jury rigging to attach to a monopod. 

    *Osmo Mobile might default to keeping the cam level. Never used one. Does Osmo Mobile actually have a 1/4" mount? If so it rectifies the huge mistake made with Osmo and Osmo+. 

    Those are the exact two reasons I returned my Osmo+ and replaced it with a Zhiyun Smooth Q. With the Smooth Q I've had excellent results with both my LG G6 and GoPro Hero 6 Black. 

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    The Osmo Mobile has a mounting screw under the handle ;)


    i don’t understand what you’re saying about the tilt up / down ? There are two modes, the first one is a kind of movement smoothing, so you can turn and follow subjects and the Osmo turns slowly to follow your moves. The second mode blocks the orientation, so you can make large moves or travelling and the camera’s orientation remains the same. With the DJI app you have a third option, to track a subject, but this is not really accurate and as this app doesn’t have any quality or frame rate settings, I prefer using Filmic Pro. 


    Last year I shot some pictures for a music video. I used my FS700 handheld cause I couldn’t bring my Flycam, and my iPhone 7 and Osmo mobile. Even if the FS700’s FHD image with prime lenses was way more smooth and good looking than the clinical iPhone 4K image, for walking shots only the iPhone was kept since the FS700 was too shaky...

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    @Deweak the first mode. If you tilt the handle down the camera tilts down. Tilt the handle up the camera tilts up. 

    This is terrible for mounting the gimbal on a monopod for jib/crane shots, unless you only want to shoot the ground. 

    Mode two locks orientation  but requires the trigger on the handle to be held down (again, unless DJI changed this in a firmware/app update), so, to use the Osmo on a monopod for jib/crane shots you have to tape the trigger down.

    Plus, y'know, figure out a way to attach something to the Osmo to attach the Osmo to the monopod.

    For my purposes this made the Osmo unsuitable. Great bit of kit, but one bad hardware decision, and one flawed software decision that COULD be fixed with a software update. 

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    It’s a shame ! Luckily they fixed it with the osmo mobile 2 (a short press on the mode button switches from mode 1 to mode 2...)

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    @Deweak hopefully they've changed it in Osmo - as I said, that's a firmware update. 

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    DJI works hard to be always up to date. My main concern is about the Goggles and the lack of connectivity with a computer as a VR system. So sorry since the dual FHD display is really better than the mono HD screen in the PSVR...

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    @Triem when did dji released the latest firmware update for dji osmo zenmuse  x3 ?

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     I bought my Sauleoo 4k video camera for $129.99. Its an amazing camera and Ive been using it for almost a year now. There are a lot of great 4k video cameras in the market. If youre still looking to buy a 4k camera you should check this helpful site.

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    @Jimconner20 this thread is now over a year old.

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