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Could someone explain to me how to use them in Hitfilm Express 2?  I have made a few into .mp4's, but that leaves a white background with them, as I have to record the gif file in my internet browser.  Thanks!
Example in attachments
Meant to type GIF's in title, but dont know how to change it :D


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    GIF's really are a difficult file format to use - even though they're supported, it's a long winded process. 
    When you import, you'll likely find that HitFilm treats it as an static image as opposed to a video file. To correct this you'll need to go into a program such as Photoshop and convert it into an image sequence, then import it into HitFilm. Either that or you could screen record the GIF working some other way and import it. As you can see, this is a lengthy process. 
    You can't export to an animated GIF using HitFilm. However you can export to another format - for example a PNG image sequence and from there you can probably use other software to convert that image sequence into an animated GIF.
    Hope this helps somewhat. I'm sure others will be able to help you further with this.