Video Importing And Saving Error

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Last night I spent a few hours making an edit to a project of mine. I imported a new piece of footage (less than 3 seconds long) which was a .mov file. Its proportions are 720x1280 (yes, it is flipped on its side, that's not a typo). I simply rotated it 90 degrees to fix it. I ended up saving my project and logged off. 

Now here comes the issue: About an hour ago I re-open my project to find that the .mov file somehow corrupted, and now it doesn't show in my composite shot at all. It's still in my media import panel, but it has an error logo where it would be. 

Does HitFilm not support .mov files? Would I need to convert my .mov file to a .mp4 so it can save properly? 

I've never had this issue until now. 


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    @BrandonReck Are you by chance on  Windows10?  I just had an update yesterday to the new 1809 build and when I opened Pro 11 it gave a warning that mov files could not be imported until I reinstalled QuickTime.   I did and it worked again.  Not sure if that's your issue but you might try it especially if you've had a recent update to windows.


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    I am on Windows 10, however, I haven't had a recent update of Windows.  I'll still check it out and see. 

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