Creating fake blood

I recently cut up a micro short. And after the fact, well into editing, I realized that with all of the effort I put into practical fake blood I completely neglected to apply some to the pillow.  It's all said and done now, but for the future I was wondering if there was any way to create a blood stained effect.

Not that cheesy blood spray effect.  Just a way to apply it to an object...that grungy, gross bloody look.

I tried tooling around with masks and whatnot, but it still didn't work as the pillow kind of moves around ever so slightly as the dude getting his head bashed in with a hammer moved.

Is there even a way to do this? like make the effect stick to the object? messing with colors or something? 


  • tddavis
    tddavis Posts: 5,255 Expert

    @Hitfilmer128619 FWIW, I would try duplicating the video layer and mask out the pillow as best as possible in a stained shape (it might take two or more masks depending on if the head is in the way of both sides of it) and then use some of the color tools the try and get the blood look you want.  Since it's a copy of the original layer it should stay in place.  Not sure if it will work but I think it might.

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