'Disabled' Keyframes

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Somehow I have managed to 'disable'  some keyframes in an effect and they appear fainter than other keyframes. It's the 3rd & 5th keyframes in the screenshot.

They still act as keyframes in the shot, and I can select them and change their 'temporal interpolations'. I can cut them, paste them and move them but when I select the property and use previous/next keyframe it skips them and jumps to the next 'undisabled' keyframe.

It's happened to 2 effects on a text plane. In another composite shot, where I use the same effects, all keyframes are OK for previous/next selection.

I'm not sure when they changed or what I might  have done to change them.


Is this a known phenomenon?




  • JavertValbarr
    JavertValbarr Staff Posts: 357 Staff

    Did you change the frame rate of the composite shot? The keyframes may sit on a frame that doesn't exist anymore.

  • pinthenet
    pinthenet Posts: 150 Just Starting Out*

    That was it, thanks very much for the very quick answerJavert.

    Actually I copied the Text Plane & effects from a 60fps into a 30fps shot. So another gotcha to watch out for

    I see now that if I move the playhead to just before the keyframe then hit 'Next Frame' it also jumps over the keyframe.

  • Triem23
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    So, ctrl+click all the "faint" keys then shift them all left or right to the next frame boundary. It's something to watch for, but now you know what it looks like. :) 

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