TV show Manifest

How would you recreate The title opening on the TV show Manifest in Hitfilm? It's really cool with the plane flying through the title.


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    You get this big billboard and rent a plane, then using an iPhone X and a tripod strapped to a Volkswagen beetle, you start everyone at the same time . . . . No, wait, using a GoPro Hero 5 on a selfie stick....... No, wait, Oh heck, I'm not really sure. Maybe someone who knows should answer this. @FilmSensei

    @justkidding (HitFilm Humor)

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     I have never seen the show, so I would have to take a look first. It certainly looks like a good show!

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    Any media of the show titles guys?

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    @AnthonyHairston Just watched Monday's episode on my DVR and paid particular attention to the logo:

    My guess it would take at least Pro so you import a jetliner model (or the Express add-on equivalent) and then create your title and make it 3D duplicate it and add the after plane fly through damage and place it under the "good"title layer and then it would be keyframing the plane motion to come from behind the text in Z space intersecting the title at the appropriate letter; add a mask over that letter and reduce it's opacity to reveal the damaged one.  Now for the most difficult part, I think; making the rubble fly away from the letter as the opacity changes to make it look like an explosion.  With Pro there are some preset particle effects you could use or you could use assets from ProductionCrate with transparant bkgs overlaid in Express. 

    That's is what I would try to do using Hitfilm to recreate it, but I'm not the most expert on a lot of the effects so please only use these suggestions as a starter point to get the juices flowing.  

    Blender (if you are literate with it) would be a far better way of doing it using their physics engine effects to shatter a letter and animate the plane making actual contact with the letter to start the shatter but that's a whole learning curve that can be daunting to a beginner.  Heck, I'm only semi-literate there myself...:)

     For others here is a brief clip showing what he wants to least as I understood it.  :)