Panasonic question -- want to keep total under $550

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I would like to buy a Panasonic 4k camera and a zoom lens -- hopefully the camera can be controlled by the Panasonic app -- (pretty neat!)

I'm trying very hard to keep the whole thing under $550 -- max 600.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I'm not a professional photographer, but the images and video must be excellent.  


  • Stargazer54
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    @Davlon I have a GH4 with a Lumix  Vario 12-35mm lens.  Works great.  Shoots 4K and works  with the Panasonic app that I have loaded on my Android tablet.   You can find a used GH4 body for as low as $400 but the lens will probably put you over budget (unless you find a great bargain somewhere).   You "might" be able to get body and a lens for under $600 but it will be tight.  You will just have to shop around.  Here is a used Lumix G Vario 45-150mm for $130 U.S. 1071328.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAsdHhBRCwARIsAAhRhsl2Sm0_WhAD8_8i7-gPvefM8var5PkHq4vxxYDUdMLdkNd0NbdkBjcaAk1iEALw_wcB

    Gotta say though, the Panasonic App has a main limitation - you cannot make the picture full screen and use your tablet as a full screen monitor.  But you do have full control over F-Stop, Shutter Speed, ISO and Focus from the app (which is awesome).  I not only use it to start and stop recording remotely but it is very handy while setting up lighting.  You can wander around the set with the tablet in your hand and tweak lights while looking at the output from the camera. 



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    You can try to find a 2nd hand G7. I've seen them for as low as 200€.

    That leaves some money for a lens. I'd actually go for the tiny collapsible 12-32mm before the 12-60mm but if you get only one lens I think it should be a normal zoom (12ish - 35ish).

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    I bought the Lumix FZ300 -- excuse my hyper-enthusiasm, but  IT IS AWESOME!

    It's a bridge  camera, but the lens is a Leica -- and the camera focus is extremely fast.  I'm taking test pictures in very dim light, and the camera is returning shots that are clean and crispy.   High marks across the board and it's about $395.    If anyone is going to buy it, be sure to get the package deal that includes extra batteries, chip, filters,  slave flash, carry bag, etc.  All that raised the price to $449 -- an excellent deal.  

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    It sounds like you got a few suggestions already... and to be honest I'm not that familiar with the Panasonic line other than the GH series. I don't know which ones you can control with the app. But that option is quite nice. I have a license for an app that allows me to control my camera over wifi, and when I'm able to use it it's pretty nice. 

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    @WhiteCranePhoto as he said it's a bridge camera. Nice specs, 4k video  25-600mm zoom range. Only drawback is the 1/2.3" sensor. 

    It does connect to the app. 

    @Davlon look for the FZ80. Same sensor, about twice the zoom range (20-1200), $100 cheaper. I almost bought one myself in 2017, didn't, had my primary cam fall out of action and was forced to buy a Canon sx60hs (few options on a ship in Antarctica). The Canon is ok, but cost more than the FZ80 for 1080p video.

    Still kicking myself over not getting the fz80, but can't justify a second bridge camera (although I could ebay the canon....)

    Here's a comparison sheet.