Best Practices / Suggested Work Flow for working on video projects?

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Has anyone got recommended work flow for working on video projects?

An example might be:

  1. Collect all footage into a single folder(?)
  2. Transcode all footage to same (or double), constant frame-rate, as appropriate, eg 30 fps, 60 fps (if for slow-mo)
  3. Create new project and save it (to ensure auto-save)(?)
  4. Create media sub-folders, based on media types, eg People, Animals, Location, Props, etc
  5. Go through each clip and trim to desired/usable footage and import into the appropriate folders
  6. White-balance and colour-correct footage (where should this be in this list's order?)
  7. ...

Or does anyone know of a good video that covers this? I haven't found or seen one yet on the interwebs. :)


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    This topic comes up now and then, and I think I've seen one video posted to the forum (though finding it may be tough) that fell into this category. I've been toying with the idea of making a Clever Tagline video about it, but don't know where that would fall among everything else.

    I'm confident that many folks here would agree that some kind of system and structure is beneficial. The details of said system and structure, though, will likely vary for each person, and possibly for each project.

    For me, I've taken some tips from folks here and created a "template" project folder structure. Whenever I make a new project, its folder is made as a copy of that template folder and its contents, which include the following sub-folders:


    ...along with an empty HitFilm project file, with several folders already in place in that project:


    I also have HitFilm's options set to use relative paths for all imported files. This ensures that as long as I put any needed media into my project folder structure before importing into HitFilm, I can later archive the entire project folder and know that I won't need to relink anything later on, no matter where that folder ends up living.

    As far as systems go, those will vary depending on the type of project you're working on. Right now the vast majority of my projects are HitFilm tutorials, so white-balancing and color-correcting aren't steps in my system. As I begin shooting more footage, though, those steps will get added, but for now my lone system is geared towards tutorial production.

  • Thanks for that. I tend to edit "on-the-fly", pulling in media at any stage to see how well it fits or suits, but I keep thinking in the back of my mind that I should be more methodical about it all, otherwise I'm trying to edit full length clips and apply various effects, such that my system gradually slows down. :)

    I'll definitely look into creating a template/folder from which to create my new projects.

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    @LeRoiLightning I often edit on the fly as well when I'm experimenting with stuff, but have gotten into the habit of setting up my template folders anyway if I feel the test has any chance of going anywhere. When I add media to the project, it's only a couple seconds more to drag a file from its original location into my project folders, and then from there into HitFilm.

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