Feature Request: Brush Mask

j18 Posts: 8

Are there any plans to be able to create and edit masks with a brush tool? Thus far the Vector Mask has worked very well for me, but I could see needing some more precise masking control in the future.


  • rikkiloades
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    edited January 2019

    Hey @j18. Its something we have on our list and would love to do in some form in the future. We can also see the value of it, especially as a way to even more quickly express what you want to mask.

    However, its likely to be a while before we get to that based on what other stuff is likely to come before it. Thanks for registering your interest though - everyone that asks for it will only help elevate its priority.

    Is there anything in particular you would like to see in the way brushes would work?

  • j18
    j18 Posts: 8

    Thanks @rikkiloades for responding so quickly!

    I would most look forward to being able to 'paint' various levels of transparency on the same mask. I could then create one adjustment layer and selectively apply that adjustment in different intensities based on how strong the brush stroke is applied. 

    This would let me skip creating several adjustment layers (or duplicate image layers) each with a different opacity or intensity and masking each one of them individually.

    Again thanks for the quick follow up and a great piece of software!

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