Choppy video, not sure what to do

Source video: 

Video reso: 1152x648

Buffer dimensions: 1152x656

Frame rate: 30


Exported video:

Video and Buffer dimensions: 1280x720

Framerate: 30


The exported video skips some frames and I don't know why. What can I change?


  • CleverTagline
    CleverTagline Posts: 3,327 Ambassador

    Install MediaInfo (if you don't already have it), and drop your source video into it. Switch to the Text report tab, then copy the full report and paste it into a reply here.

    My gut says your video has a variable frame rate, which can be problematic for HitFilm to process. The solution is transcoding. If you’re not familiar with transcoding, I strongly suggest watching this video by @Triem23 . It talks about why transcoding is important, and shows several ways to do it using various tools.

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