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Okay so whenever I go to export a video, it always freezes at one point the exact point every time, I've tried restarting the editing process, I've tried exporting in-out and contents but it always freezes at the same spot can someone help me?!? Please!


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    Time to use a process of elimination to figure out the cause of the pause.

    Are you doing simple cuts-only editing, or do you have composite shots in your edit as well? I'm guessing it's the latter. If so, first try marking in and out points around just that shot in the main Editor timeline to confirm that it's something in that composite shot that's causing the stoppage. If that confirms, go through that composite shot and start selectively hiding and unhiding layers, exporting the shot with each attempt until you find the layer that stops everything. Then do the same on the effects you have on that layer. Once you've found the source, let us know and we'll go from there.

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    What are your system specs? CPU, GPU  OS RAM and storage? As you say it's crashing on the same frame, what's happening on that frame? As @CleverTagline intuits, that's probably something in your video with a high amount of VFX and compositing. 

    Note by default anti-aliasing is OFF in the viewer and ALWAYS on during rendering. A render uses more resources than the viewer. That particular frame is likely overloading the GPU. 

    Assuming you have Composite Shots and even nested Composite Shots, if you haven't already, Pre-Render any comps crossing the problem frame. This reduces those comps to video files rather than procedural media and can free resources.

    Depending on the length of the video  consider rendering as a PNG image sequence: this renders every frame as a still image. That way, if the render crashes you have everything up to the crash frame. Rendering video means you always go back to the beginning.... You would start a new render (to a new folder) from the problem frame. 

    Now,image sequences mean no audio - you'd have to import the image sequences back to Hitfilm to re-render with audio. You'd turn every video track off in the timeline except the image sequence  but, at that point you're just rewriting complete frames, so it's fast and easy for Hitfilm.

    Then you can delete the image sequences. 

  • Okay I ended up finding the problem, it was NOT Hitfilms fault it was actually the recording fault, sorry for wasting time

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    @ShadowofaDemon I don't think of it as a wasting of time  but a learning experience.  Especially if you leave the details of what you found to be wrong for future readers of the forum.  What about the recording caused it to act up?

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