[SOLVED] Hitfilm Integration in Vegas Pro

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 I know that it is possible to integrate Hitfilm into Vegas through the Hitfim installation. My problem is that thist option doesn't exist when I install Hitfilm. When I click 'Change' in the Install Wizard there should be an option for the integration but there isn't. The only options are: Application files, Effects and transitions, Templates ans Imagineer mocha HitFilm. Does anyone have a similar problem? I tried google but didn't find a solution. I use Hitfilm 4 express and Vegas Pro 15.


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    I don't think Hitfilm 4 had the integration option in the installer, so there was a simple manual option where you create a small file to tell Vegas to use Hitfilm for .hpf files. It's all Vegas doing the work really, and the Hitfilm installer just drops that text file in the Vegas folder. I used to do this, but these days: just get yourself a free upgrade to the latest version of Hitfilm Express.

  •  What do you mean by upgrade? I downloaded the most recent version of Hitfilm Express from the FxHome website. The only thing I know that the option Add Hitfilm effect is missing in Vegas but should be there according to many tutorials about this like this one:

    I also found this picture but it's kinda old so I don't know if that changed: 

    But the marked option doesn't exist in the Hitfilm 4 installer.

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    If you're using Hitfilm Express 4 then you do not have the latest version. It's up to V11 now.

    Go here, sign in with your account details and download the latest version. https://fxhome.com/express/whats-new


  • I can't tell you how thankful I am. I just didn't realize they updated it so fast and thought I had the latest version installed. Thanks for your help.


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