How to make large chroma key studio on a budget?

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For a short film I'm making, I have six actors standing in front of a chroma keyable screen in some scenes. All six at once. My green screen, however, is only nine feet wide. Not wide enough for six people with at least minimal distance between them.

I can shoot them like three at a time and splice them together but that only takes more time, so I'm wondering:

Without buying professional chroma key screens like on Amazon, how can you make a DIY, large chroma keyable screen? Something like over ten feet wide, at least that tall.


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    A large green sheet?

    I've no idea if this is practical, but I was thinking when you mentioned wanting your full 360 view rotating around the actors doing their business in the centre, as in the Avengers clip: could you make it portable?

    If you can, then if it's on a large rigid frame: two people could run around behind the actors holding it while you run the same way 180 degrees from them, so the actors are always in front of the screen. The other alternative - of having your actors on a large revolving stage - is much too cumbersome.

    If you've got a gimbal, running in a circle shouldn't be that hard to do fairly smoothly. The guys chasing you with the greenscreen might find it a bit trickier. Would need to be indoors in a large open area, so no wind and flat floors.

    Others will now come up with some actual practical ideas... ;)

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    Here is what I did. I bought this Art Paper Roll in Green online from Walmart and had it delivered to my local store (free).

    Then I bought these Green Push Pin Style Tacks...

    I made a whole wall into a green screen, lit it, and used it to make my movie. You might be able to find a better deal on Amazon or another local store. Green construction paper works really well also!

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    So, if it can't be done on location and you need a BIG area I would consider splicing them. 6 actors, 3 at a time is two shots. That's going to take less time and effort than nearly any other solution including buying or hiring something although buying a few same coloured sheets and clipping them together wouldn't be that costly.

    I like the idea of rotating the green screen around the actors. 

    I don't know if it is practical but in this video they get the actors to circle at the same pace as the camera using a timer.


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    Fabric store......nothings cheap though..usually 9.99$ a yard. I have 2 50'x50' rolls..... Unmanageable as hell. Cover my entire 2 car garage though :-)

    Are you a young man person that lives with parents.? Paint...2 white, one green...convince your old man to let you paint the garage :-)

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    @GrayMotion High school student actually. I asked my dad if we could use the garage. Unfortunately, there are no flat walls in the garage, and the garage is too cluttered to film in

    I like the idea of the rotating green screen. That's probably what I'll end up doing.

    I'll just film two or three at a time and splice it. To keep the acting good I'll have the ones not currently being filmed to the side of the green screen and have them read their lines, so the conversations will feel more real and et cetera.