Help with my Channel

Hi I use YouTube to express myself and kinda show off my editing skills on hitfilm. My channel is called The Filminators and you can find it here:

But the problem is I only have 420ish subscribers and I would like to make a profit and to do that you need 1000 subs. I got 400 in a year and I would like to speed things up and get help on my videos with tips and tricks to help my channel grow. 


You do not have to subscribe but I would like you to. But I am mostly looking for help.



  • chriguf
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    What?? Really?

     to become more subscribers... you, you must make your  channel more interesting... then the subscribers counter grow up... is your  channel Not interesting, the subscribers gone... 



  • DafterThings
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    Great effort for creating the channel and uploading so many videos.
    I know many people look to make money but, frankly, it's very difficult.

    One thing to consider.
    You have 419 subscribers but you're getting 30-50 views per video.  This looks.... odd.
    You really need active subscribers who are watching your content to  :
    a) achieve the 4000 hours per year required for monetising
    b) get the view clicks for ads to make any money.

    I would suggest putting thoughts of earning from YT to one side for now (also check the restrictions regarding age and hours). Instead concentrate on building an active,  engaged audience by posting regular, quality content.
    Look to provide feedback and constructive comment on other channels posting similar content or content you enjoy.
    There are many people here with a large audience from providing tutorials and tips/tricks so that's definitely a good area to consider for the future.

    Apologies if this is not what you want to hear but you did ask for advice (help). 


  • TheFilminator123
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    Thank you Dafter this does help...

  • GavinBarker
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    Mirroring @DafterThings comments, it's fantastic that you've got an active and regular-posting channel up and running, plus posting in these forums means you have the opportunity to take on board great advice from our talented community! 

    One quick bit of housekeeping for future reference @TheFilminator123, this community is an incredibly friendly and helpful place. Your previous comment to Dafter started fine, but ended in a pretty negative way to another of our fellow commenters. We want everyone, no matter their native language, to feel safe and comfortable posting on our forums. Whether intentional or not, on this occasion I have only deleted the offending part, however please be sure to follow the Forum posting rules in future.