Top of the line PC - and Hitfilm is slower than in my old one

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I really don't know how is this possible,
I got windows 10
Intel I7 9700K
Geforce RTX 2070
Plenty of space in the disk
all brand new
And hitfilm plays playback so slow, laggy and choppy. Same for timeline workflow. Exporting take forever.
All of this is while working with full HD footage, so imagine what it's like with 4K.
I've tried to change the playback resolution etc. but it didn't matter at all.
With my recent PC which was 6 years old everything played better. Not good, but definitely better than this.

I'm helpless.
Do you have any ideas how to sort it out?
- Worth mentioning, Hitfilm is installed on my hard disk and not on my SSD. cache and other temporaries are saved on the SSD. maybe this is the problem?


  • Stargazer54
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    I can't imagine that SSD.cache vs HDD is the culprit.

    First of all, which version of HF? 

    Second, have you transcoded your footage to Cineform? 

    Also, since you are on a new PC, do you have other background process running that you didn't have on your previous system?  

    I just updated to Win10 myself (but with a new SSD on the same computer) and have not noticed anything unusual.  But I did go through the system by turning off unwanted background processes after installation of the OS.   Make sure you go to the Task Manager and select the Startup tab and look for junk that you don't want to run at boot.  You'll be surprised at all the useless things that run in the background.  The only things may you want to run at boot are perhaps your virus checker and  the M$ update checker (even that one you can turn off).  The fewer things you have in the startup list the better.

    For instance, I always disable anything that says Adobe, or HP (printers). 

  • theK
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    Hey, thank you
    it's HF pro, version 9'ish
    I don't know what cineform is, but it doesn't matter the format of the video, it could be footage from my camera or stuff I've downloaded from the web. It's also weird since in my old PC I would never transcode or do any action to the footage, just plug and play style.
    Regarding other background process - nothing out of the ordinary, I keep track of these and got barely 5-6 things in boot.
    I also inspect the CPU, memory and disk in task manager while working in HF, nothing out of the ordinary here as well.

  • CleverTagline
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    System differences aside, I strongly recommend transcoding. That alone should improve how smoothly you can work in HitFilm.  I strongly suggest watching this video by @Triem23 . It talks about why transcoding is important, and shows several ways to do it using various tools.

  • JBaymore
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    edited December 2018

    Watching this one ...since I am about to buy/build a new PC (mainly) for Hitfilm.



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