Is there a reason why I cannot use the HFP interface while I am tracking in the Mocha plugin?

Just a question on why I cant edit in the hitfilm pro interface while I am tracking in the mocha interface. I dont know how they are tied together but I would like to bypass this somehow since if I try to click on the hitfilm interface it flashes the mocha UI as if it needs it to be the focus. I thought this was weird.


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    I don't think is weird and it operates as I would expect.

    Mocha is in the effect chain and is performing calculations on data that Hitfilm is providing.Mocha. The data Hitfilm is providing to Mocha are the individual frames.

    How can Hitfilm operate when Mocha has not completed its task. Maybe you think it should be ignored until complete.

    What if you alter the data stream that Hitfilm is providing to Mocha. Mocha has to restart from scratch in this case. How do you tell Mocha, Hey someone changed the data and you have to restart whatever it is that you are doing.

    The execution is synchronous. When Hitfilm calls Mocha for edit, Hitfilm provides the frames to Mocha as requested. When Mocha says it is done, Hitfilm saves any data that Mocha returns to it. During playback Hitfilm just uses the data that Mocha had previously returned to it when the Mocha UI was closed.

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    @Erosion139 I believe it is also a matter of processing power. It's like when you try to work in Hitfilm while something is exporting, it can act really slowly. Maybe Mocha takes up so much processing power it doesn't let you return to Hitfilm because it needs to do its thing.

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    On the contrary; I can be exporting from Vegas at the same time as Hitfilm, and Hitfilm is no slower (i.e. just as snail-like as usual) while Vegas sucks up the rest of the CPU, GPU and HDD/SSD that Hitfilm leaves  on the table. When Vegas is done Hitfilm still carries on at the same speed. 

    Vegas isn't perfect though. It only uses 60-90% CPU and 35-55%% GPU on export (depends on codec, but export time is inversely proportional to CPU/GPU usage) , but I can open up a second copy of Vegas and export a second scene simultaneously to get the CPU and GPU usage both up to 95-98%.  There might be some HDD/SSD thrashing and IO overlap, which extends each export accordingly, but the result is still faster than exporting each scene separately.  It's like having 2 PCs. :)

    Also, just having mocha on a layer with no specific masks active drags the playback speed down massively, so the plugin is wasting a lot of time doing precisely nothing. Presumably some of that blame can be laid at Boris Fx's door though?  Disable it to get playback speed back up to normal. It's therefore much more efficient to export masks from mocha and import them as a composite shot, as Hitfilm's mask handling is better. Plus you can apply it to more than one layer or offset it for a 'clone patch'.

  • Alright, thanks everyone for the input. I just didn't know if it was a limitation put in place just to be a limitation. But I understand now that the pipeline is much more instant with the two interfaces. What I could do is purchase mocha pro separately but of course, I am going to use what I have now. Also, I will use Vegas pro to do other stuff in the BG. Just need to learn how to use it a little better. 

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    There are teo flavors of Mocha Pro: standalone and plug-in. With the standalone you'll be able to work in Hitfilm while tracking in mocha, but you'll lose having masks immediately appear on your mocha timeline - you'll always have to export a Composite Shot from mocha to re-import into Hitfilm. Additionally you won't be able to send layer data directly to'll have to import footage directly to Mocha. 

    With the plug in Mocha will have to complete its track before Hitfilm will regain focus.

    As Norman stated this isn't a "... limitation put in to be a limitation..." - (a silly assertion), but a reality of the requirement for Mocha to finish its calculations before that data is passed to Hitfilm. As Norman notes, if you were still working in Hitfilm it's very possible to change the data Mocha is using during its track. The Mocha plug-in pulls data directly from the layer and includes effects before Mocha in the chain. Tweaking effects on the layer being tracked, moving or cutting the layer being tracked changes the data being tracked.

    As a corollary, tracking in Hitfilm locks the rest of Hitfilm during tracking. In this case you just have to wait for the track data to be ready before it can be used. 

  • Silly assertion indeed! Mostly a joke, as a side note I am having some trouble with a camera solve in my mocha track and I have no idea why it is failing or in my case getting stuck at a percentage for a while before it gives me an error message. 

  • Mocha Track Video here is how I tracked the different planes. I wonder if the OIS on my smartphone is the cause. Maybe Mocha gets confused when the edges get warped by it.

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