Wondering how I can pull off this kind of effect...

I've included a video that I saw that achieves pretty much exactly what I'm going for. Its that kind of mission briefing/ criminal profile display that you see in action movies like James Bond or Hitman. 




Anyone know how I could do something like this on Hitfilm 4 Express? I've searched quite a bit for different templates/effects, no luck so far. 


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    @lllybobilly I'm not sure exactly what part of it you want, because this is very vague. But, to get the basic "criminal profile look", you'll have to:

    You'd have to either make in photoshop (although it's possible in Hitfilm) a background of some sort (or find one online) and then get a picture of your "criminal" and make a text box below them detailing whatever you need it to. Then, animate a textbox appearing beside them (such as move it from behind him to next to him via just moving it horizontally with keyframes) and then, if you want your text to appear in any cool way, you'll have to keyframe it manually.

    If there's a certain part of this video you want to replicate please specify and I might be able to help better. But, hope this at least helps with the very basic procedure!

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     Yes, you can do this in Hitfilm. 

    Let's break down what's actually happening in this video:

    The background is a white plane with a hex pattern and a couple of moving HUD elements. Hitfilm doesn't have a hex grid effect (although tweaking insect vision might get you there), but a Composite Shot with an animated gradient for a Set Matte source would do the transparency sweep.

    In the foreground are three pictures, three red fields and three text objects. These grow on the x-axis as they expand, then move left. This is all basic keyframing. Stand by for lots of tutorial links. 

    Basic animation :


     Finally, Hitfilm 4 Express is years old. Why not upgrade to the current version  Hitfilm 11?

  • Illybobilly
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    Thanks for the help guys! I'm very new to video editing. So glad to hear I can do this. 

    And I'll definitely upgrade to Hitfilm 11. 

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