Does Action Pro export to Hitfilm 2017?

ginestreginestre Website User Posts: 36

Can't try this as the demo of action pro doesn't export. 


  • ginestreginestre Website User Posts: 36

     I think by leaving the question in the title, divorced from my comment, I was too cryptic in my OP.  So I'll rephrase. 

    The full user-friendly version of my query is:

    Does Action Pro export to HitFilm 2017? I can't try as the demo version of AP doesn't export.

    I'd like to mess with AP, enough to buy it,  but don't have a budget at the moment to update to HF 2018 as well. 


  • CedricBonnierCedricBonnier Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,190 Staff

    @ginestre Yes, you should be able to import the created composite shot file in pretty much any version of HitFilm. Although I didn't double check, I think it was HF2 and later... so HF 2017 (version 5) will definitely work.

    PS: It's not that your original message wasn't clear enough but simply that when we all came back from holiday there were loads of new messages... it's hard for us to keep track of everything sometimes. If you want a quick response from the staff it's usually easier to contact us directly.

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    Take a look at my video on Action Pro. It should probably answer all your questions...

  • ginestreginestre Website User Posts: 36

    . Thanks to both. 

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    Excellent Mini Militia, App Lock7Zip, being able to export from a software to another in the same family is encouraging.

    Microsoft did it, Macromedia at the time also tried to do it.

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