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I'm using the latest version of HitFilm, and this specific project file dates back a couple versions but has always had this problem. It did not begin when jumping up a version.

Certain audio assets, often the same ones but not always, will randomly not load and need to be reloaded to play. Sometimes you they won't even display as needing to be reloaded, so often times I need to go through and manually reload basically everything two or three items at a time to make sure it all plays. If I reload in large groups, certain items in that group with fail to load even if they were correctly loaded before.

The assets in question are all mp3 and WAV files. It's worth noting that I am using this software a bit differently than its intended purpose; I'm editing an abridged series in it. Back in the days of HitFilm 2 I would end up needing to split episodes into multiple project files because they got too big, but that was probably entirely my crappy old laptop.

This is the sixth episode I've edited of this series in HitFilm since 2016, and I've never had this problem even with a far more complicated episode in the past. I did first and the majority of the second episodes before I upgraded from that laptop to my powerful desktop and they didn't have this kind of problem either - and back then I tended to have a lot more garbage assets imported that weren't being used.

If I had to guess I have anywhere from 150-200 media files loaded, but only about four of them are videos. 99% of the composite shots are lip-sync shots that consist of animations built of alternating frames. Nothing about this project file is really different from what I've been doing for the last 5 years, and if anything I'm using the program as efficiently as I ever have.

Basically, to sum it all up, random audio assets keep not loading correctly and I am forced to spend time manually reloading most of my 150-200 audio assets every time I open the project file. I'm very concerned about accidentally uploading my final episode with bits of audio dropped out. I work really hard to make the most technically advanced abridged series I know of, and I don't want to see the part I'm most proud of - my sound editing - to be damaged by stuff randomly dropping out.


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    Are you saying that this problem only exists in one specific project? Or is it happening in multiple projects?

    If it's just this project, it may be something corrupted in the project file. On a whim, perhaps open the project, then do a Save As with a different filename, and see if that version behaves the same. If it does, I suggest contacting support and sending them your project file (just the .hfp, none of your assets). HitFilm projects are simply XML files, and they may have a way of parsing the XML to see if there's a hiccup in its structure somewhere.

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    It's an issue with this specific project file. Occasionally I'll save under another name as a backup and it behaves the same.

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    @Kyoso In that case you should definitely send your project file to FXhome support for a deeper look. 

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