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Whenever I try to speed up videos using the duration instead of speed, it doesn't speed up the video, just cuts the video off after the duration I put in. I can't use the speed feature either, because it gets very glitchy and pixellated. Does anyone know how to fix it?


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    Not sure why changing the duration (in the Speed/Duration dialog) isn't affecting its speed, unless you clicked the chain icon to unlock the two before setting the duration. Which specific version of HitFilm Express are you using?

    As for speed changes not being smooth, that's just the nature of the Speed control in HitFilm. It's a pretty brute-force tool. If you speed up a video, it simply chops out frames. If you slow down a video, it simply duplicates frames. There's no frame blending like some other applications offer.

    Also keep in mind that HitFilm won't necessarily be able to play back a sped-up video completely smoothly. Any effect you apply, including a (supposedly-)simple speed change, means that HitFilm has to do some work before it can display the result. To see how it actually looks sped up, you'll need to export.
  • I did have the chain thing off, thanks :D With the choppy sped up videos, I was confused because I had been able to speed up a video without the choppiness before. It happens after I export & upload it as well. I'll see if it works now though, thank you!

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