How to create thin smoke/candle smoke?

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Hello everyone, I'm trying to replicate this AE\Particular tutorial and the turbulence behavior in Hitfilm is completely different. It separates the particles rather than "waving" the whole line. Any suggestion or other technique to create that kind of "delicate" smoke would be greatly appreciated.


  • NormanPCN
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     The Hitfilm turbulence force sucks. Point force as well. Not much Physics there. More like fhysics. 

    Turbulence is hard to implement as a "force" since it is not a force. Real world turbulence is always instance specific and the "forces" causing the turbulent movement are really not forces. That said the Hitfilm turbulence leaves a lot to be desired. It could/should be more like what we see offered elsewhere.

    For smoke trails you can try using atomic particles in Hitfilm. Here is a thread on the topic. The videos are no longer available but there is some description to give you a starting point.

  • MrJacq
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    Thank you Norman I will check it out!

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    The Atomic Smoke that @Takeoff created was really nice, and actually I thinks it looks very similar to what you are after here. The heart of it was the Atomic Particle (Layer Only) Effect, not the Particle Simulator.

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     @NormanPCN by coincidence  for a different reason  I was just about to try and find that Atomic smoke thread. Thanks for saving me time. :)  

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