Export of a video fails with Process finished unexpectedly

Hi Team,

I have been using hit films express for about three months now and right now I am having a really big issue with exporting a one video, i.e. I can export all other that I have created so far, but not this. The only error that shows is Process finished unexpectedly. 

Video lenght is 1:35 (I have been exporting longer), using preset Youtube 1080p (also same I have used in other videos). The only difference is that this one has more composite shots than others (but the transitions are not complex imho, few shakes, few zooms; in other that can export I have been using captions & stabilization). 

My specs are Intel Core i7-6700hq 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 6gb 970m. 

Where I can find more error info? The one that shows is not really helpful. 




  • CleverTagline
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    How much free hard drive space do you have,  specifically your boot/system drive?

    Does the export always fail at the same point? If so, you might use that to target a specific comp and begin narrowing down the problem to a specific layer, then perhaps a specific effect.

    When exporting, are you doing anything else on that system, or do you just leave it to export? I was reminded (the hard way) the other day that HitFilm can sometimes halt exporting if you're using the system for other tasks at the same time.

  •  Hi CT,

    I have got ~150GB free space on the system drive. 

    Yes, it seems to always fail at the same point. How can I target it down? It is hard to tell when it fails exactly as it won't show percent number or frame/second when it failed (but will check that). 

    There is only hitfilm on when exporting. Notice that I still can export other, even longer movie. 

    Thanks for prompt answer,


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    @Chrjski My guess is you may have a corrupt frame or set of frames on the timeline where the export crashes.   Could be an issue is the source footage or a graphic frame.  Only conjecture there as you didn't fully explain what the project is based on.

    Here is one troubleshooting method:  If you can determine roughly where in time the project fails to render.  (Just for example say around 3 min. 30 sec.)  Then, take your project and write separate project file so you don't biff the original.  Then slice the new project a few seconds either side of the problem area - say from 3 min to  end at 4 min.   Then only render out that portion of the project to see if you've found the bad spot.   If you did indeed find the right range on the timeline where it fails, you can further slice up the timeline until you narrow in on the actual frame or frames that are causing you trouble.  Although you should be able to see pretty quickly which source data is causing the issue before getting down to just a few frames.

    Another method would be to do the same game with each underlying composite shot - render out just the composite shot (with suspected frame range) until you find the bad spot.

    Again without further information, I can only guess that it could turn out to be a bug in a particle setting, a corrupt still frame, corruption in a video file, etc.   If all other projects  work then there is definitely something amiss with the problem project.

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    @Chrjski @Stargazer54 we also don't know how many layers/comps/effects are on that section. Since the viewer does not anti-alias by default and final renders always anti-alias, final renders take more GPU resources than edit sessions. It's possible the GPU is being overtaxed (I've actually had this happen to me). With a 6GB 970m that's fairly unlikely, but I'm trying to be completist here.

    Standard questions. Are your GPU drivers current? Also, check your power settings on your computer. Make certain any settings for power savings regarding CPU, GPU and HDD/SDD are set to off/never save power/never downshift/never sleep. That's another thing that's been known to cause problems. 

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