Hitfilm pro feedback and what's planned for the next updates ?

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 Any news on what they have planned for the next 12 months updates ? . My License has run out for the updates on hitfilm pro

Would have liked to seen more new effect presets inbuilt in to hitfilm. Seems to have been a lot of DIY tutorials of late that overcomplicate simple effects and are time consuming. How about we have stuff like this added to the presets for us?

You only have to look at what's possible with Boris FX Universe \ Sapphire plugin to wonder why we are not getting similar  effect presets added to hitfilm.

Last twelve months have not been the best IMO along side Action pro slow development. Looked through the updates of the past twelve months. Plenty improvments to the UI and little tweaks etc but very few new features IMO . It seems to me there is far fewer new features than what we got with a new yearly release in the past .

Still a great product and great value for any one who does not own it. But properly going to wait another year before I renew , just not enough new content on offer to temp me to go with there new business model.


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    Per @IAmJoshuaDavies:

    One of the key benefits of the renewal system is that you decide when to update. If you . . . would rather wait for a specific feature, go right ahead. :)

    We've added more new features and updates to the software during this last year than ever before (https://fxhome.com/blog/hitfilm-11-0-update/), and there are more coming very soon. Rest assured, there are some massive things just around the corner . . . which will improve workflow and the UI. The updates over the next few months are hugely exciting, and if you hope that HitFilm Pro will be heading in a more "Pro" direction, you're going to want to stick around in 2019.

    You can find another blog post summarizing what we've added in the last year here: https://fxhome.com/blog/12-months-of-updates-a-recap/.

    Regarding Action Pro- we've acknowledged that development has been slow the past year and granted all users an additional 6 months to their licence.

    Feel free to add specific features you'd like to see to the Wishlist.

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    Thanks for the feedback and information Javert , and thanks for the effort you put in to the website you created with the donated presets , ended up using a few of them.

    Will keep a eye on what's coming up, sure I will be back on board before long , will add some ideas to the wishlist



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