How do I Rotate my video , i s lying on its side ?

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Hello & Thanks ,

windows x64

How do I Rotate my video  the 'Controls' way ?

When I click on Controls , it is empty .

My video i s lying on its side (not so in other video players) ?



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    Unless you drag your footage onto the timeline the Controls panel will have nothing to show.  Drag your footage from the Media bin or from the Trimmer onto the timeline, highlight the footage and the Controls panel will be active.

    Also please post a MediaInfo tree output for your video file type.  My guess is it was shot with a phone?  If so it will more than likely be Variable Frame Rate and will need to be transcoded to Constant Frame Rate to edit smoothly with HF.  Best format to transcode to is Cineform which is now the native codec in HF.  More here:





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