Hitfilm translation

Hi everybody,

After some searches on the forum I couldnt found the information, so that's my question : Is a translation of the software planned ?

I'm interested in French translation because I am growing a channel with 40+ french tutorials  on Hitfilm express (pro later maybe !) (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCshz5xJ8OVC-Hg7lQ34c2FQ)

And i often have questions about Hitfilm translation in french.

I understand that translating the software isnt an easy work and a fast R.O.I. is uncertain... And in the other hand, the software is easy to understand. But, saddly, english scarry some non english speakers and they dont even try...

BTW, thank you, whole team, for your work ! :)

Wish you happy christmas and new year ! Hopping the best for you and Hitfilm in 2019 !


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