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I am trying to make a spell clash effect. Basically, two streams of particles coming from opposite sides of screen and deflecting off of each other in the middle. I can get the particles to look how I want in one stream, but not the other.

My questions are: 1) Can I get two different particle simulators with different color gradients? I tried the lifetime panel, and no matter what, it only affects one of the sims even when trying to select the other one. 2) Is it possible to make a deflector that can affect both sims at once instead of one for each sim? It would make animating the deflection point so much easier.


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    Yes, and yes. 

    A particle simulation LAYER can contain multiple particle EMITTERS. Each Emitter can have multiple particle SYSTEMS, and every system can have its own appearance/physics, etc. 

    However, forces and deflectors affect all particle SYSTEMS in the same particle SIMULATION. 

    So... You should be able to create Emitter 01 for Spell 01 with System 02 and Emitter/spell/system 02 in the same simulation/layer.

    Select an Appearance setting for either system then select Lifetime. Each system should have unique Lifetime controls. 

    Since both systems are in the same layer they should react to the same deflector. 

    If you haven't figured this out yet a deflector can be a cube generated inside the particle sim OR a plane layer. For what you're doing it's probably better to use a layer for the deflector (you can turn the plane off). It's easier to animate a plane that can be parented to points or tracked in a scene than animating the position of the cube in the sim.

    These are old tutorials (Hitfilm 2), but are still relevant. 

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    Here's a new contribution from FilmRiot that's on this very subject (not particles per se, but the overall effect):


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     Thanks for the answer. I was not aware I needed to click on the appearance setting to get to different lifetime settings.

    I have another questions. I now have two emitters firing in opposite directions away from each other. How can I get them to emit from different points so that they fire at each other?

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    Add two point layers...attached each emitter to its own point. Animate as needed. The process is laid out for you in the first video  linked for you by Triem23

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     Got what I wanted now. Thanks!

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