Bug - Turning masks on and off has no effect

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Currently working on a comp where i have a mask in a layer and turning it off (or on) only takes effect on the first action. Here: 


I realise this is a bug and would like to use this opportunity to raise a more pertinent concern.

Since 2016 I've noticed new releases are more frequent, and because new releases mean new issues, this is reflected in the fact that newer versions are a lot more buggy. 

I've been using hitfilm since 2016 and must say it's still the most capable free editing platform hands down.

I'd like to make a few suggestions: 

1.  Release new versions to a small group of enthusiasts ahead of public releases to pic up on obvious issues (sort of what Microsoft is doing with the windows insider program)

2. Release a mid-tier version of hitfilm that sits between express and pro. I'd gladly pay $50 for this (without customer support) if i knew it was almost free of bugs. (Understand, I am not a power user so hitfilm express has a lot more than what i need in a video editor. As such there's no value to me in going pro right now. I'd gladly pay for stability and add-ons.)

3. Release new versions less frequently. this just means you can put more into each new version. Ideally this would allow you to make stability a priority. 

Many thanks to Axel and the team for a great product all the same. 



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    @HitFilmer193539 Sorry you're having trouble with the software. Which version number are you using? I would be curious to see more about the project because I tried it here and cannot reproduce on my machine.

    Regarding your other points: 1. We already do this with a group of beta testers. It isn't open to anyone though. Maybe we could have a stable version and a more up to date one. We have talked about this internally before but we have never done it mainly because of a lack of resources (we're a small team). 2. We strive to make Express as good as possible and all fixes that go in the Pro version also get added to the Express version. If Express is enough for you then keep using it, that's exactly why it's there: for people on a tight budget to express their creativity. 3. We have been asked to do more frequent releases by other people as we used to do one big release a year which put a lot of pressure on us to get everything ready before Thanksgiving. In our point of view, smaller incremental releases are much better: easier to test, easier to iterate on a feature to refine it based on user feedback; and easier for the marketing team to talk about.

    That being said, when you find a bug, please feel free to post here on the forums or contact us directly, we're more likely to reply this way.

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