Adding HitFilm Pro FX to Media in Vegas Pro

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I am using the latest HitFilm Pro version and Vegas Pro 15 latest version.

I have a basic .jpg file in my Vegas Pro project on the timeline.  I want to add some simulated camera flashes on the photo using the Particle Simulator in HitFilm Pro.  I have created a Particle Simulator Preset that works pretty well for this.  Now, in Vegas, I right-click on the picture event in the timeline and select, "Add HitFilm Effect".  HitFilm opens properly but I get a message in the Media Panel that the file is not supported and it says Media Offline.  I know the picture works in HitFilm because I can create a separate, standalone, HitFilm project with this file and import that HFP project into VP and it works.  But, for convenience, I want to be able to create the effect in the HFP from within VP.  The Properties for the .jpg picture says the Media could not be imported.  In fact, it does this with several other .jpg files in the VP project but the video files all seem to open properly in HFP using this method.  Does anyone have any experience with this and could offer some assistance?

EDIT: I also tried a .png file and it did the same thing....




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    Yes, I've had the same experience and it doesn't work.  Vegas creates an 'illegal' composite file because it doesn't know what to do with an image that's got an effective frame rate of 0 fps. As you've found: opening the same image in Hitfilm, doing the work there, saving the composite shot over the original, or using a different name and doing a Replace in Vegas, fixes things.

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    Thanks.  I see it is on the Wish List so for now, the workaround will do.

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    Out of curiosity, I tried opening from within Vegas, and then correcting the project frame rate and resolution settings, etc., deleting the invalid media and reimporting into HitFilm.  I was able to create a Composite Shot but when I tried to put it on the timeline, the timeline was totally misbehaving as if it had a zero project length.  I was able to find some ways to get the timeline sort of displaying but then it still didn't display correctly in Vegas so something was still messed up.   Anyway, no big deal to just start with the picture in HitFilm Pro then import the project to Vegas rather than adding the HitFilm FX to the picture from within Vegas.

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