Aspect Ratio Changes After Export

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Hello! I've been having some issues with exporting my video project.

I filmed this project vertically on an iPhone, so as to put it on IGTV after editing, where they prefer a 9:16 aspect ratio. I set up my editing station with a width of 1080px and a height of 1920px, the same I filmed with, and when I finished editing I exported it under "Apple iPad and iPhone."

It didn't work. It made the video a horizontal rectangle with black bars on the sides. I thought maybe it was just the way it looked on my computer, but attempting to save it on my phone was unsuccessful, and upon trying to upload it to IGTV from my computer, I was told that the aspect ratio is wrong and that they need a vertical video. 

I have no idea where I'm going wrong. I've tried several different settings to export and none of them have worked. The only time it seemed to have kept the aspect ratio is when I exported the project as an uncompressed .avi file, which was too big and my computer couldn't even play it properly. 

Is there anything I can do?


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    Hey @KevinO039Connell,

    So it sounds like you are setting up the dimensions just fine on the project screen just.

    The problem is likely you are using the built-in "Apple iPad and iPhone." preset to export. This has a dimension of 1920x1080 and its scale mode is set to add the black bars where the resolution of the project does not match the resolution of the export settings.

    What you need is an export preset which matches your footage and the encoding settings of the "Apple iPad and iPhone.". There isnt one built in for this, but you can very easily make it. Do this:

    1. Right click on the "Apple iPad and iPhone." and duplicate.
    2. Now right click this duplicated preset and hit Edit Preset.
    3. Give it another name you can remember - maybe "IGTV Portrait".
    4. You will see a bunch of settings below with video and audio codec settings, if IGTV needs some specific settings you can configure them there.
    5. Under the video, in dimensions, unlink the width and height and set these to the same values as you put in the project screen. Alternatively you can tick the from source box next to that and it will take it from your project settings (or comp if you export one of those specifically).

    Now use this new preset to export.

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